Eighty seven year old grandmother jailed in a German prison after denying the Holocaust

An eighty seven year old grandmother has been jailed for ten months in a German prison after saying, there’s no proof that Auschwitz was a death camp and it is “only a belief,” and that the “Holocaust is the biggest and most sustainable lie in history”.

These comments were made on television in April and earned her the charge of inciting hatred.

Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel also known as the Nazi-Oma or Nazi Grandma, ran an ultra-conservative center that was shut down for spreading Nazi propaganda.

In Germany, incitement of hatred, which is a crime punishable by prison time,  includes anyone who publicly “approves of, denies, or downplays” what the Nazis did during the Holocaust.

Haverbeck-Wetzel told the court, “I will never accept this verdict!”

Video footage uploaded by: Pajo “Ursula’s Message in English”


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