Indonesian newlywed couple kills man and eats his genitals

A newlywed couple in Indonesia killed the man believed to have raped the wife just one week prior to their marriage before they fried up and ate his genitals.


Thirty year old, Rudi Efendi and his new wife, twenty year old, Nuriah were arrested and taken into custody after a month long investigation, during which time, the burned body of the victim was found inside of a minivan.


Authorities said that the couple was married in September and that after Efendi realized his wife was not a virgin he questioned her and found that she had been raped one week prior by an ex boyfriend.


Efendi told reporters that he was “so outraged”.


Police said that  Efendi called the victim to set up a meeting with him, stabbed the man to death, cut off his genitals and set his vehicle on fire.


Efendi then took the man’s genitals home to his new wife and ordered her to cook them. According to Efendi he then ate them in order “to cure my heartache”.


One thought on “Indonesian newlywed couple kills man and eats his genitals

  1. Killing seems so easy nowadays
    And the sad part is the reason for killing , it’s like if you hate someone then just go and kill them .
    I think the punishment is supposed to be like “death payed by death” only we can make people to reconsider their option of killing someone


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