Thousands of anti-war protesters take to the streets of London

Thousands of protesters took to London streets rallying against a proposed bombing campaign in Syria.


Demonstrators carried signs and waved banners that read “Don’t bomb Syria” and “Don’t Attack Syria”.


Protesters said that sanctions should be placed on nations supporting the Islamic State group to fight against radical islamists rather than military intervention, something Prime Minister David Cameron recently pushed for in Syria.


Parliament is expected to vote on the issue next week and demonstrators said that they will continue to rally to let the country’s leaders know that military intervention will only lead to more jihadist terrorist organizations.


Protesters, led by the Stop The War Coalition, are asking the question, “Have no lessons been learned from the past fifteen years?” In the last fifteen years, protesters are reminding the government that their “intervention” has lead to mass civilian casualties, devastating destruction and huge numbers of refugees.


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