Muslim cab driver shot in the back in Pittsburgh

A Muslim cab driver living in Pittsburgh was shot at by a passenger he was driving home on Thursday after the passenger began to question the driver’s background and thoughts about the Islamic State group.


The driver, a thirty eight year old Moroccan immigrant, picked up the passenger from the Rivers Casino, at which time, the passenger began to question where the driver was from asking, “Are you Pakistani?” “You seem like a Pakistani guy”.


The passenger then began to speak about the Islamic State group and how they are killers. The driver said that he conveyed to the passenger that he did not like the group and that they were killing innocent people. The passenger then began to make derogatory statement about the prophet Mohammed, making fun of the driver’s religion.


Upon arriving at the destination that the passenger requested, the driver was asked to wait five minutes. The passenger came out of his home with a shotgun aiming it towards the driver. He began to drive away but was struck by a bullet that came through the back window of the taxicab and hit him in his back between his shoulder blades.


According to the cab driver, a dash cam is placed in the front of the taxicab but it was not immediately clear if police recovered the footage.


Police also did not indicate whether they would charge the assailant with a hate crime upon arrest. Authorities only said that they were investigating and looking into the details of the attack.


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