Fourteen people killed and seventeen others injured after gunman open fire on a holiday party in San Bernardino

Fourteen people were killed and an estimated seventeen injured after gunman entered San Bernardino’s Inland Regional Center and opened fired on a banquet gathering. This the deadliest mass shooting in the United States since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

County employees said to work for the department of health were gathered inside of the banquet room having a holiday party.

The Inland Regional Center provides services and funding to developmentally disabled individuals and rents out its banquet room upon request.

Witnesses said that the gunman had a verbal dispute with a member of the banquet gathering, left and returned with two others firing live rounds on the crowd inside of the building.

Police said that the suspects were dressed and equipped in a way that showed they were prepared for an attack. Authorities reported that the gunman were armed with AR15 type weapons, two handguns as well as what appeared to be pipe bombs.

Authorities confirmed the identities of two of the shooters as twenty eight year old, Syed Farook, and twenty seven year old, Tashfeen Malik .

Farook and Malik were killed by law enforcement and one officer was reported to be injured with non-life threatening wounds.

David Bowdich, Assistant Director of the Los Angeles FBI, said that the incident was being regarded as “possibly terrorism” but would not elaborate further.

Farook is a US citizen and a state employee who works as an environmental health specialist in San Bernardino. Malik, a pharmacist, is the wife of Farook and the two had only been married for two years. Both Farook and Malik met on the dating website, a site for people with disabilities and second marriages.

According to sources, the couple was married in Saudi Arabia. Farook visited Saudi Arabia at least twice. Malik was a Pakistani citizen who gained her green card and citizenship through a fiance visa.

Sources close to the investigation reported that Farook was radicalized and in close contact with terror suspects overseas.


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