Texas lawmakers suggest lie-detector tests for Syrian refugees

On Tuesday Texas lawmakers suggested that Syrian refugees should take lie-detector tests to in order to determine if any are potential extremists.


Democratic representative, Richard Peña Raymond said, “If we can do it for law enforcement to qualify certain law enforcement positions, it may be something we can consider,” later adding, “I’m willing to bet those two people in California wouldn’t have wanted to take the polygraph” referring to the San Bernardino attackers.


Thirty Governors across the United States have vowed to block Syrian refugees since the horrific terrorist attack in Paris. The state of Texas took matters further after taking the Obama administration to court over claims that federal officials and resettlement agencies have not shared any information about refugees arriving in the US.


A district court judge refused to block refugees settlements in Texas citing their claims of possible extremists infiltrating the refugee population were “largely speculative hearsay”.


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