Protesters gather outside a northern California courthouse demonstrating against a lawsuit that labels a boy with autism “public nuisance”

Protesters gathered outside of a Santa Clara County courthouse on Wednesday demonstrating against a lawsuit that claims a boy with autism is a public nuisance.


Sunnyvale, California residents that were once neighbors of the boy want the child to be declared a public nuisance because of what they call “uncontrolled physical attacks”.


The Gopal family, who has moved out of the Sunnyvale neighborhood, have been in an ongoing legal battle after neighbors said that their son pulled another child’s hair and bit a woman.


Neighbors of the boy with autism accused the Gopal parents of neglecting to address the violence which constitutes the child being a “public nuisance”.


The two families suing the Gopal Parents told local reporters that they are not looking to label child with autism as a “public nuisance” but that the parents lack of dealing with the child’s autism caused a public nuisance.


Protesters said that no matter how neighbors perceive the difference in defining the “public nuisance” claim, this case sets a dangerous precedent for other children with autism across the country and the legal ability to label them anything but children.


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