Maintenance worker for a Louisiana horse farm accused of setting bomb under the boss’s bed

Fifty four year old, Douglas Holley, a maintenance worker for a Louisiana horse farm allegedly placed explosives under the bed of the of the Hewlett family and owners of the Holly Hill Farm Equestrian Center.


The Hewlett’s walked away from the explosion unscathed along with their dogs and cats.


Authorities said that Holley placed the explosive device below their bed and faces charges including attempted capital murder and making a bomb.


The Hewlett couple told local reporters that splinter like pieces of wood from the hardwood floor and shrapnel from the bomb hit the ceiling of their bedroom and that all they saw was a flash of light before the pair went flying onto the floor.


The couple, who originally thought the explosion was caused by a gas leak, were questioned by authorities about any disgruntle employees or whether they had received any threats.


Holly’s name came out during questioning and police searched his home finding evidence connecting him to the Hewlett explosion.


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