Thirty children rescued from a shelter in India starved and beaten by the staff

A boy rescued from an unlicensed shelter in India was starved and beaten by the staff if he and the other children failed to recite Bible passages with accurately  according to the Hindustan Times newspaper.


The boy, nine year old Ram, said that the shelter would put on a “show” for donors making them believe the children were well taken care of. However, in private, if  the children failed to recite the bible with accuracy they would starve them for two to three days as punishment.


Ram along with his eleven year old sister were two of thirty children rescued from the shelter in which some spoke of beatings with belts and being suspended from the ceiling while being hit.


According to several children, along with being beaten they were also forced to convert to Christianity and change their names.


The Charity, Seva Group, who runs the home, is said to be a non-governmental, non-profitable organization working among the Orphans, street and underprivileged children and children deprived of education and health need irrespective of caste, creed or religion.


According to the Chief Development Officer of Meerut, the charity is illegal and not registered as a legitimate NGO. It is absolutely mandatory to have NGO registration in facilities the keep children.


Three people including the caretaker of the shelter home, have been detained by police and are being questioned.


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