Florida parents jailed after they starved and beat three young children

Two Florida parents are facing charges including child abuse and child neglect after police said that they starved and beat three young children.


Thirty year old, Anthony Jones and twenty seven year old, Kimberly Haygood were arrested after police found the young children extremely  malnourished and dehydrated.


A six year old boy and four year old twins, boy and girl, were taken to All Children’s Hospital, at which time, police said that they do not believe the children were fed at any point in their lives. Authorities said it did not appear that they even knew how to chew food.


Police said that the four year old twins weighed twenty two and twenty six pounds, the weight of the average eleven month old baby.


Authorities said that after further investigation marks and scars on the children indicated they had been beaten with a belt.


Sarasota Detective Megan Buck told reporters, “The sight of the four year old boy took my breath away,” adding, “My description of him when I saw him was that he looked like a skeleton. His body was skin and bones. He has no hair because of lack of nutrients. He has a skin rash and marks from the lack of nutrients. He is nonverbal and cannot talk”.


Haygood is being held on a fifty thousand dollar bond and Jones is being held on sixty thousand dollar bond.


The children are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.


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