Aid workers: Madaya, Syria is the worst sightings of the civil war

Humanitarian aid workers who got inside Madaya on Monday said that what they have seen in the village is the worst sightings of the nearly five year civil war in Syria, including innocent civilians, children literally starving to death in the streets.


The United Nations resident and humanitarian coordinator in Syria told reporters, “We saw a people that are desperate; a people that are cold; a people that are hungry; a people that have almost lost hope that the world cares about their plight”.


According to the UN over four hundred thousand people live in areas besieged by the government or other armed groups with millions of other Syrian citizens living in areas that aid workers are unable to reach.


The United States ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, condemned the Syrian regime for using “grotesque starve-or-surrender tactics”.


Members of the UN are weighing whether the humanitarian crisis in Madaya is a war crime or a crime against humanity.


Officials say they expect to be able to make another aid delivery to Madaya in the coming days.


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