New York woman enslaves two South Korean children for six years

A New York woman living in a Queens neighborhood is accused of holding two South Korean children as slaves for six years.


Forty two year old, Sook Yeong Park, is believed to have forced two children, said to be nine and eleven years of age at the time they were enslaved, to work long and grueling hours inside her home and at local businesses. The children were forced to sleep on the floor with no mattress or inside of a closet.


District Attorney Richard Brown said, “According to the charges, the defendant cut off all contact between the two young victims and their parents in Korea”. Park enslaved the children in January 2010 and then confiscated their passports. Park moved the children into a well kept home in Flushing Queens where she kept them for years.


Brown said when Park was angry she would routinely beat the children, hitting them with objects, slapping them, kicking them and stomping on their legs. One incident documented said that Park enraged over a pedicure attacked the young girl, scratching her legs with a nail clipper.


According to Brown the young girl was forced to work for Park giving her several hours long massages, manicures and pedicures. Park would often pull the children out of school for days or even a month while forcing them to work on her home and also at a grocery store in Queens, at which time, Park kept all of their earnings.


School officials at Francis Lewis High School notified police after the girl suffered a horrific beating by Park that left her legs swollen and her hair cut off.


Park is facing charges including labor trafficking, third degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. She is due back in court on February 16.


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