Taiwan elects its first female President

Taiwan has elected its first woman president after fifty nine year old, Tsai Ing-wen, won elections by fifty six percent of the vote.


During a press conference outside of the Democratic Progressive Party headquarters Ing-wen said, “The results today tell me the people want to see a government that is willing to listen to people, that is more transparent and accountable and a government that is more capable of leading us past our current challenges and taking care of those in need”.


“Following the will of the Taiwanese people, we will work toward maintaining the status quo for peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait in order to bring the greatest benefits and well-being to the Taiwanese people”.


“I also want to emphasize that both sides of the strait have a responsibility to find mutually acceptable means of interaction that are based on dignity and reciprocity,” adding, “We must ensure that no provocations or accidents take place”.


Ing-wen also thanked the United States and Japan for their support and vowed Taiwan would contribute to peace and stability in the region.


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