Three year old girl duct taped inside a trash bag covered in feces

Police said on Monday that a three year old Arizona girl was found duct taped in a trash bag covered in feces and locked inside of a closet.


Authorities said that the man watching her along with the child’s mother have been arrested.


Mesa Police Chief John Meza told reporters that the girl suffered from malnutrition, genital blistering and rash, and had multiple scratches and bruises adding that, “The level of neglect was so harsh that the girl could not stand on her own”.


Police said that Mayra Solis and Francisco Javier Rios-Covarrubias are believed to have committed one of the worst cases of child abuse their department has had to investigate.


Authorities said that they received a tip after Rios-Covarrubias tried to sell the little girl over the internet for sex.


The little girl was immediately taken into the hospital for examination and is now in the custody of the Arizona Department of Child Safety.


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