Tanzanian woman attacked by an angry mob in India

Five people have been arrested after a twenty one year old Tanzanian woman was beaten and stripped by an angry mob in Bengaluru, India.


After a Sudanese student’s car ran over a local woman in an unrelated incident, a crowd attacked and torched the man’s car. When the crowd of what witnesses said was estimated at three hundred people saw the Tanzanian woman, the people assaulted her assuming the two were connected.


The woman was dragged out of her car by the angry mob who then beat her and her friends and torched their vehicle. Government officials have denied that racism could have played a role in the attack.


The Tanzanian woman, a student of Bengaluru’s Acharya College, said that police stood by and watched as she was attacked. The All African Students Union reported that police refused to register the case unless she brought in the Sudanese driver.


The Bengaluru police commissioner has described the incident as a case of “mistaken identity” adding, if the Sudanese driver had not killed a woman while allegedly under the influence of alcohol, this attack would not have happened.


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