Forensic experts reject the Mexican government’s report on forty three missing students

Argentine forensic experts said that there is no evidence to suggest that the group of forty three students who disappeared in southern Mexico in 2014 reportedly burned at a dump-site were ever actually lit on fire or killed as previously documented by government officials.


The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team said that the dump in the Guerrero state has been the site of multiple fires at different times. While they say the remains of at least nineteen people were found there none were the missing students.


The team, who was not there when the government claimed to retrieve a bag of remains from the site, did indicate that plant life that had grown at the dump site and would never have survived a fire of the magnitude the government described in its report.


Mercedes Doretti told reporters, “So far the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team has not found scientific evidence to establish any correspondence between the elements recovered in the Cocula dump and the disappeared students”.


This is the second report to reject firmly the government’s findings. To date the students remain missing.


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