Students of a boarding school said that they were kept in small concrete isolation boxes

Former students of a boarding school for troubled youth in Iowa say that they were kept inside of small concrete isolation boxes for a time period lasting a day to several weeks and then forced to sit in specific posture positions for twenty hours.


Students say that they were forced inside of dark concrete type cells made to listen to motivational speeches and the screams of other students from loud speakers. According to the student’s surveillance cameras maintained by the staff kept watch of the students locked inside of the cells.


Midwest Academy in Keokuk is now under investigation by the FBI after a January raid on the facility, at which time, a staff member was accused of sexually abusing a student. Since then there has been several allegations of criminal activity against the school.


The academy claims to provide troubled youth with a “a safe, structured and disciplined environment” charging parents roughly five thousand dollars a month. Due to the nature of private funding, these programs remain unregulated by state officials.


Students said that between 2008 and 2015 classmates mutilated themselves and lost weight due to small meals. Some students said they were emotionally scarred by the experience months and even years later.


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