Conviction of an Egyptian police officer overturned in the death of a protester

The highest appeals court in Egypt on Sunday overturned the conviction of a police officer sentenced to fifteen years in prison for killing a female protester in January 2015. Judge Taha Qassim also ruled that a new trial would be held for the officer.


Egypt’s official MENA news agency reported that dozens of police officers who stood trial for the killing of nearly nine hundred protesters during the eighteen-day uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in 2011 received acquittals or suspended sentences.


Activist Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, was killed in a protest broken up by police forces on January 24, 2015. News footage revealed that al-Sabbagh was shot in the back by police, causing lacerations to her lungs and heart and massive bleeding in her chest.


News footage also showed that the protesters never attacked the police.


Witnesses later said that that police ignored pleas to allow an ambulance through their lines to take al-Sabbagh to the hospital stating that police prevented anyone from helping her.


The day after the killing of al-Sabbagh, twenty-three protesters also were killed, over eighty others injured, and over four hundred demonstrators arrested.


Video Footage analyzed by Human Rights Watch


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