Fourteen year old boy was among two employees killed in the capital of Yemen

Saudi-led airstrikes bombarded sewing workshop on Sunday in the capital of Yemen killing two people and wounding fifteen others.


A fourteen-year-old boy was among two employees killed. A search for a second victim was underway believed to be buried under the rubble of the building.


Rebel groups reported the death toll higher saying that eleven people were killed and four others injured.


The United Nations reported that more than six thousand people have been killed in Yemen since Saudi-led airstrikes have begun citing that roughly half of the dead are civilians.


On Sunday, Human Rights Watch said, “The Saudi Arabia-led coalition is using internationally banned cluster munitions supplied by the United States in Yemen despite evidence of civilian casualties”.


Arms director at Human Rights Watch and chair of the international Cluster Munition Coalition, Steve Goose said, “Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners, as well as their US supplier, are blatantly disregarding the global standard that says cluster munitions should never be used under any circumstances,” adding, “The Saudi-led coalition should investigate evidence that civilians are being harmed in these attacks and immediately stop using them”.


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