Egypt to close rehabilitation center for victims of torture

The Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, providing regular medical services and counseling to victims of police torture and other violence in Egypt, has been ordered to close for unspecified violations.


Government officials have accused the center of holding “activities other than the activity allowed in its permit”. There has been no explanation as to what those “activities” are.


The center, established in 1993, provides psychological services and rehabilitation to victims of torture. The organization in partnership with other non-government agencies also provides references to legal aid resources.


Nadeem Center co-founder, Aida Seif el-Dawla in a statement on Facebook wrote that the order was the result of a decision by the Health Ministry’s Free Treatment Directorate and had been delivered to the center by police officers accompanied by a city employee. When a doctor at the center inquired about the license violations alleged in the order, the officers said that they had no information and that the issue was between the center and the Free Treatment Directorate.


Human Rights Watch said that the move to close the center comes as the Egyptian government is pressuring several independent human rights groups with travel bans and criminal investigations into the funding of these organizations.


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