Ten children attacked by a knife-wielding man outside of a primary school in China

A man outside of a primary school in China viciously attacked ten children, severely injuring two of them before killing himself.


Six boys and four girls were attacked in the city of Haikou in the Hainan province on Monday while walking out of school.


The attacker was later identified as forty-five-year-old Li Sijun. According to state media, no motive for the attack has been established.


Similar attacks have previously occurred in the country leaving several children brutally assaulted or killed by individuals suffering from mental health problems.


In 2010, a forty-two-year-old man killed eight children at a primary school in the Fujian province. Three children were killed in an attack at the Dongfang primary school in Shiyan city and six more students were killed on their way to school in Pingshan town by a fifty-six-year-old man in 2014.


Last year a woman with documented mental illness picked up a kitchen knife and scissors then stabbed a six-year-old boy’s fingers, head, face and genitals leaving the child permanently disfigured.


Violent crime in China is rare compared with other countries. Due to the country’s tough restrictions on gun ownership, knives and cleavers are typically used in these violent attacks.


Children remain the primary target of many of these mass assaults by individuals said to have mental illness or previously documented mental health problems.


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