Fourteen-year-old Ohio Student open fires on classmates in school cafeteria

Four Ohio students were injured after a fourteen-year-old walked into the cafeteria at Madison Junior/Senior High School in Middletown open firing on students.


None of the students suffered life-threatening injuries. Anthony Dwyer, Chief Deputy of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, said that two students were hurt from the  shooting and two others were injured by flying shrapnel.


The shooter fled the cafeteria running up a hill outside of the school abandoning his gun before police apprehended him.


The teenager faces charges including felonious assault, inducing panic, and making terrorist threats. He is being held in a juvenile detention facility.


Police said they are not sure where the teenager got ahold of the gun nor are they able to give a motive in the shooting.


Authorities identified two of the victims as fifteen-year-old Cameron Smith and fourteen-year-old Cooper Caffery both are said to be hospitalized in stable condition. Two other students injured in the shooting from shrapnel were identified as fourteen-year-old Brant Murray and fourteen-year-old Katherine Doucette.


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