Photojournalist attacked at a Donald Trump rally

A Time Magazine photojournalist was viciously assaulted and escorted out of a Donald Trump rally for doing nothing more than his job.


Secret service agents could be seen during the rally grabbing Christopher Morris, an award-winning photographer, and throwing him to the ground.


Morris who was merely attempting to take photos of a protest which erupted at the rally from the group Black Lives Matters tried to free himself from the secret service agent resulting in him being thrown out of the Trump event.


According to Hope Hicks, a Trump campaign spokeswoman, “There was an incident involving a photographer and a US Secret Service agent at today’s Radford University Trump rally. We are not aware of all details surrounding the incident and all future inquiries should be directed to local law enforcement”.


The secret service in a statement acknowledged the incident but said it was too early for them to pass any judgement.


Monday’s attack on the journalist came during a speech in which Trump called for putting limits on the press and strengthening liability laws against the media. Trump called journalists “amazingly dishonest” and “a real problem in this country” only moments before Morris was viciously assaulted.


Morris is not currently pressing charges.


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