Indigenous activist in Honduras murdered

Officials in Honduras said an indigenous activist who won a prestigious international environmental prize for fighting a dam project despite continued threats was assassinated on Thursday in her hometown La Esperanza.


Forty-four-year-old, Berta Cáceres was killed after gunmen broke down the door of her home and shot her.


Both family members and the Inter-American Human Rights Commission told reporters that Cáceres was to be under the protection of the Honduran security forces but officials argue that she was not in the place she had reported as her home when she was killed.


Local media reported Gustavo Cáceres, the brother of the activist, said that her murder could have been avoided adding, “The police were responsible for providing security for my sister here in the city,” “She wasn’t in hiding”.


Authorities said that they have no suspect or suspects at this time.


Last year, Cáceres won the Goldman Environmental Prize, at which time she said in her acceptance speech referring to her life as an activist, “They follow me and threaten to kidnap and kill me,” “They threaten my family,” “This is what we have to face”.


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