Firefighter suspended for transporting a toddler to the hospital

Two Virginia volunteer firefighters have been suspended from their jobs after they made a choice to drive a toddler to the hospital in their fire truck.


Captain James Kelley and Sergeant Virgil Bloom drove the child to the hospital last Saturday after they got a call about a child having a seizure at a Mcdonald’s restaurant.


Deciding that the eighteen-month-old toddler was in danger of death, the firefighters placed the child in their vehicle instead of waiting the estimated ten to fifteen minutes for the nearest ambulance.


Captain James Kelley told reporters, “I exited the firetruck, the gentleman handed me his child at that point she was completely limp and flaccid. I turned around and told my driver, without any hesitation I said turn around we’re going to the hospital”.


Although the decision to transport the child is a violation as the fire engine is licensed as a “non-transport unit”. The child made it to the emergency room in thirteen minutes where she is expected to fully recover.


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