Masked men beat journalists and activists in Chechnya

A Swedish reporter from Norway reporter was among a group of journalists and activists attacked by masked men near the border of Chechnya on Thursday. The group was accused by the assailants of being terrorists who are “killing our people”.


A minibus transporting four Russian journalists along with two activists from Russia’s Committee to Prevent Torture and a journalist working for Swedish Radio on Wednesday evening was forced to the side of the road by a car full of masked men and all the passengers were taken off of their bus. The attackers beat the group with sticks and lit their vehicle on fire.


Maria Persson Lofgren, a radio reporter, told Swedish Radio that she was beaten requiring ten stitches in her thigh after she was thrown onto an iron beam on the roadside. Lofgren was left severely bruised on both her arms and legs.


Lofgren told reporters the attackers yelled at them, “You aren’t human rights activists. You are terrorists. You are killing our people”.


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