Nearly one thousand people executed in Iran in 2015

The United Nation’s special rapporteur on human rights in Iran in a report on Thursday said that Iran executed nearly one thousand people in 2015 with nearly five hundred people executed for drug-related convictions.


Ahmed Shaheed said this is the highest level of executions in the country in two decades adding sixteen juvenile offenders were also executed in 2015.


Human rights groups say that at least seventy-three juvenile offenders have been executed in Iran between 2005 – 2015. Activists said that these figures could be higher as Iran does not report executions of individuals under the age of eighteen.


Shaheed based his finding on one hundred and twenty-eight interviews with Iranians abroad and in the country. The United Nations special rapporteur has never been allowed in the country.


Additionally, the report indicates detainees particularly those who are considered drug offenders are “subjected to beatings and coerced confessions which are later used in revolutionary courts to secure their death sentences. In some cases, judges reportedly convicted and sentenced drug offenders to death based on their “intuition” and despite what appeared to be a lack of evidence”.


According to the report, to-date, at least, one hundred and sixty juvenile offenders remain on death row. Under Iranian law girls as young as nine-years-old can be put to death, and boys as young as fifteen.


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