Three-year-old girl dies after a chemical attack by the Islamic State group in Iraq

The Iraqi Commission for Human Rights said that a three-year-old girl died on Friday from health complications after a chemical attack by the Islamic State group in Taza Khurmatu, south of the Kirkuk province.


Over four hundred people were injured on Wednesday in northern Iraq after the terrorist group hit the area with missiles carrying chemical substances.


Human Rights officials said that the little girl died of respiratory complications and kidney failure caused by a mustard agent. Some security officials believe that the Islamic State group used chlorine and not a mustard agent. Samples of the substance were collected to determine what the poisonous gas was.


Officials said that people suffered burning in their noses and throats, sudden tumors and skin bubbles on their faces as well as burn marks on various part of their bodies. Additionally, many victims red-eyes, dry lips, fainting, vomiting, and difficulty in breathing.


Dozens of people were hospitalised after the chemical attack. Victims in serious condition were transported to Baghdad for medical treatment.


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