Pregnant woman dies near hospital in Cameroon, protesters demand answers

Thirty-one year old, Koumate Monique died near a hospital pregnant with twins in the Cameroon city of Douala last Saturday.


Video footage posted by showed a woman said to be a family member trying to deliver the babies outside.


Protesters demonstrated outside of the hospital on Sunday demanding answers about Monique’s death.


The country’s public health minister, Andre Mama Fouda told reporters on Monday that although woman’s death is a tragedy, authorities do not know exactly where she died. He said her death was not due to medical negligence.


Fouda said Monique went to a public health facility for a consultation on Friday and on Saturday her family brought her to the Nylon District Hospital asking doctors to remove the fetuses. She was denied services at that time due to the inability to perform the request at that facility.


The family later took Monique to the La Quintinie hospital emergency ward where she was directed by two hospital workers to go to the maternity office. According to maternity ward workers, Monique died and it was not clear exactly where or when she died.


Fouda went on to say that the family was told to take Monique to the mortuary but instead attempted to save the twins first at the maternity ward and later by a mortuary worker.


According to state media, the attorney general ordered the workers, including a midwife, and the woman who tried to perform the Cesarean section be arrested.


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