Refugees and migrants will be sent back to Turkey under new deal

Under the terms of a deal struck between the European Union and Turkey, refugees and migrants arriving in Europe will be sent back to Turkey. A deal aid groups say is “inhumane”.


As of midnight on Saturday anyone arriving in Europe can expect to be returned to Turkey in the following weeks. Critics of the deal say that Greece’s system for assessing refugees needs immediate and urgent improvements.


To-date, the thousands of refugees who have made it to Greece will be resettled in Europe but they will not have a choice as to where that resettlement will take place.


Roughly forty-five thousand people are literally trapped in Greece, including fourteen thousand people stranded at Idomeni village in a squalid refugee camp waiting to be able to travel north. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel In a statement urged refugees to move to other accommodations being offered Greece, promising that Greek authorities, “will put asylum procedures in motion or redistribution to other European countries will take place”.


In exchange for Turkey’s acceptance of returned refugees and migrants they can expect “re-energised” talks on Turkey’s  European Union membership.


The deal will put in effect that for every Syrian refugee sent back by the European Union a Syrian in Turkey will be given a new home in Europe. There will be a total of seventy-two thousand Syrians who will be given asylum in Europe while there are nearly three million refugees in Turkey.


One thought on “Refugees and migrants will be sent back to Turkey under new deal

  1. Yes, the EU will still be taking in millions of economic migrants that even the wealthiest countries have neither the space nor the resources to support, it is just that those immigrants will be from Turkey as the first step of Turkish accession to the EU, allowing Turkey’s seventy-five million people freedom of movement within the EU. The only good that can come out of this is that it hastens the demise of the EU.


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