Thirty-seven people killed and over one hundred and twenty others injured in Ankara,Turkey

Thirty-seven people were killed and over one hundred and twenty others injured in a car bomb in Ankara,Turkey on Sunday.


Officials said that they believe one of the bombers was women who joined the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ party or PKK in 2013 but no one has actually claimed responsibility for the attack.


The explosion in the Kizilay Square was packed inside of a BMW carrying both a male and female passenger. Authorities said that the explosives used in the attack appeared to be similar to those used during another bombing on February 17 that killed twenty-nine people. The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks of TKA took responsibility for that attack, a group said to be linked to the PKK.


The state-run Anatolia news agency reported on Monday that Turkish fighter jets attacked Kurdish rebel targets in retaliation for Sunday’s attack striking arms depots and PKK shelters in the mountains of northern Iraq.


Police in Turkey also carried out raids in Adana where thirty-six said to be members of the PKK were taken into custody. Additionally, an estimated twenty-thousand soldiers and police officers launched operation against Kurdish militants in the town of Yüksekova,near the Iranian border.


Residents of the area have fled their homes due to the violence.


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