Indian migrant worker jailed for video on social media

An Indian migrant worker who made a video uploaded to social media about his working conditions in Saudi Arabia has been jailed according to rights activists.


Abdul Sattar Makandar, a truck driver, was seen in video footage shared throughout India crying over his treatment by his employer.


Makandar said, “I have been in Saudi Arabia for the last 23 months, and have applied for leave to come home over five months ago,” adding, “My employer is not letting me go home. My employer doesn’t give me a proper salary, neither does he give me money for food”.


Activists said Makandar was approached by the legal team for the Al Suroor United Group and later took the video down from his social media but that Saudi Arabia arrested Makandar for spreading misinformation on social media.


Video uploaded by SACYouTube


Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia have been subjected to horrific treatment under the county’s “Kafala sponsorship” which essentially takes away many of their rights treating the worker as a piece of property.


According to human rights activists, the sponsorship system creates easy opportunities for the exploitation of workers, as many employers take away passports and abuse their workers with little to no chance of legal repercussions.


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