African American student attacks white student over dreadlocks

An African American woman at San Francisco State University could be seen in video footage uploaded on YouTube verbally harassing and assaulting a white student with semi-dreadlocks.


Bonita Tindle attacked Cory Goldstein for what Tindle claimed is “cultural appropriation” over Goldstein’s choice to style his hair.


During the less than one minute video, Goldstein can be heard asking Tindle, “You’re saying I can’t have a hairstyle because of your culture? Why?” Tindle replies, “Because it’s my culture”. Further grabbing Goldstein and threatening to cut his hair off.


Another student standing in the stairwell filmed the incident. When questioned by Tindle as  to why he was filming the incident he replied, “For everyone’s safety”.


Footage uploaded by Nicholas Silvera


Tindle, you might want to Google it:
Dreadlocks have a rich history outside of the African American culture beginning with the tale of Samson and Delilah and the “seven locks on his head” in the Old Testament of the bible to Roman accounts of Germanic tribes having “hair like snakes” and the Greeks accounts of the Vikings also said to have dreadlocks. Let’s not also forget the holy men and women of India who consider their locks as “sacred” or the Ngagpas of Tibet.


This list goes on because dreadlocks also known as locs, dreads, or in Sanskrit, Jata are a global hairstyle and not limited to the color of your skin but neither is ignorance or racism.


One thought on “African American student attacks white student over dreadlocks

  1. I think what shocks me is this was in San Francisco, at San Francisco State. God help us if she was a humanities, history, sociology, anthropology, or history major. If so her professors are probably asking where they went wrong. Let this be a lesson to all hot heads, read a book or two on the history of people before you judge someone’s appearance. As for the gentlemen with the dreads, rock on brother. Show this SFU folks your viking heritage, stand tall and express yourself.

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