Yemen’s Children

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF said on Tuesday that hundreds of thousands of children in Yemen face life-threatening malnutrition and millions also lack access to healthcare or clean water due to the year long war.


According to UNICEF, there are eight hundred and forty-eight documented cases of all sides of the conflict using children as soldiers,including boys as young as ten years of age.


In a report titled “Childhood on the Brink” UNICEF said, “On average, at least, six children have been killed or injured every day,” confirming the deaths of nine hundred and thirty-four children with an additional one thousand three hundred and thirty-four children injured.


UNICEF also documented attacks on schools, hospitals and the country’s water and sanitation system.


According to the report, an estimated three hundred and twenty thousand children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition and nearly ten thousand children under five-years-old may have died in the past year from preventable diseases.


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