Russian journalist found dead

Independent journalist, Dmitry Tsilikin was found dead in his St. Petersburg apartment on Friday.


Police said fifty-four-year-old Tsilikin was stabbed multiple times and appeared to have been dead for at least two days. Authorities said his computer and cell phone were both missing.


Tsilikin, a known writer of social issues and civil rights, also contributed to other cultural and music related writings featured in several media outlets including Chas Pik, Kommersant, The Moscow News, and Vedomosti.


Police said they have no suspect or suspects at this time but that they are investigating the case.


One thought on “Russian journalist found dead

  1. Who could it possibly be?? This will go way over the heads of the police. One thing I don’t understand though, is the way people are killed. They kill all opponents but they must do it with.. a dozen stabs on average? what happened to ‘just kill’, instead of slaughter? I’m curious, though it may seem irrelevant, exactly what happens during the last two hours.


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