Death toll from child abuse in Japan gravely under-reported

The Japan Pediatric Society said the rate of child deaths linked to abuse or neglect in Japan is about five times higher than official government figures.


Investigators estimate about Three hundred and fifty children fourteen -years-old or under in the country possibly die from abuse every year.


Officials of the Pediatric Society said, “Many deaths due to child abuse are feared to have been overlooked, as information sharing and verification among government officials, those working in medical institutions and the police are insufficient”.


In 2014 alone child consultation centers in Japan received eighty-eight thousand reports of child abuse.


One thought on “Death toll from child abuse in Japan gravely under-reported

  1. Hello Dr. Brownlee. Have you read the recent UN human rights report on child exploitation in Japan? I posted it on my blog under a post titled Dr. Japan.” I love Japan. I spent years trying to be Japanese. I was six years in before I realized in 1986 that child porn was legal. It just recently banned but under great pressure! Still the culture objectifies and little girl commodification is rampant. Our family was greatly damaged and I trying to raise awareness. Thank you for posting this. PS The report discusses the lack of reporting mechanisms in Japan. There is little support and real government action. Stacy

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