Human Rights Watch: thousands of residents face shortages of food, medicine in Fallujah

Human Rights Watch on Thursday called on Iraqi military forces to allow aid to enter Fallujah, a city currently under the control of the Islamic State group.


According to the human rights group, tens of thousands of residents face shortages of food and medicine.


Fallujah has been in a near total siege since last year by the Iraqi army, police, and Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias.


According to a recent report by the rights organization, residents of Fallujah were making soup from grass and using flour from ground date seeds to make bread. Food that is available is priced up nearly fifty times the amount of the normal price.


Human Rights Watch said that the people of Fallujah are besieged by the government, trapped by Islamic State group, and are starving. According to US officials, they are worried the terrorist group would confiscate any aid sent to Fallujah.


Iraqi forces say that the Islamic State group are the ones besieging residents in Fallujah.


No human rights group has been able to enter the city but activists in Baghdad were able to verify the rights organization’s findings.


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