Mexico: Soldiers and a federal police agent torture a woman

A video uploaded to YouTube showed Mexican soldiers and a federal police agent suffocating a woman, abusing her while she cries, and her hands tied behind her back.


The video begins with the woman’s head covered with a cloth t-shirt another woman, a soldier,is yelling asking about someone named Maria. A federal police officer who is also a woman covers her head with a plastic bag and threatens her with other forms of torture.


Eventually, one soldier puts a gun to the woman’s head asking her, “Do you remember now?”


The video has since been removed from YouTube but Mexican officials said the incident goes back to February 2015 and that the two soldiers who were involved have since been arrested.


According to officials, the information about the case was also forwarded to civilian authorities. Under Mexican law, human rights abuses committed by soldiers against civilians must be tried outside of military courts.


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