Afghan conflict limiting access to medical and education services

The United Nations on Monday said growing attacks, as well as, the misuse of medical and education facilities by all parties to the Afghan conflict, have reduced the availability of health care, and limited children’s access to services for the past three years.


A report filed by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan or UNAMA and UNICEF indicates thirty-one health workers and individuals employed for educational purposes were killed, fifty-eight were wounded, and one hundred and fifteen were abducted.


According to both humanitarian organizations doctors, teachers, and nurses were subjected to violence or threats, and for schools and medical facilities to be misused or attacked.


Two hundred and fifty-seven incidents were documented by both groups citing , threats and intimidation, including death threats, assaults on health and education personnel, forced closures of schools, letters prohibiting school attendance mainly against girls, and extortion.


The groups also documented incidents of improvised explosive devices detonated near schools and clinics, killing and wounding health care and education personnel.


More than three hundred and sixty-nine schools were closed in 2015 leaving over one hundred and thirty students across Afghanistan without education services.


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